Hardwood Floor Installation Services in Raleigh, NC

Wooden Floor — Hardwood in Releigh, NC
Warm: A real wood floor retains warmth and keeps drafts at bay. Cozy and intimate, it fills your home with the living spirit of wood. Hardwood is 7 times warmer than tile!
Practical: If properly cared for, hardwood floors will last a lifetime and add value. It stands up to the wear and tear of everyday life and will not dent or scratch when heavy objects are dropped or placed on it.
Green: Both Hardwood and Bamboo are environmentally friendly given their durability and rapid renewability. We also have reclaimed hardwood options.
Installation: our fully licensed and insured hardwood flooring specialists along with our interior designer can construct the flooring of your dreams. We have free in-home estimates and take-home samples to help you choose the perfect flooring for your style and budget.
Refinishing: everyday wear and tear may require a face lift every 7-10 years. First, the floor is sanded level then a custom stain is mixed to create the exact color you desire. Finally, the hardwood is coated with a durable finish.
Buff and Recoat: minor scratches and damages can be removed from the top layer then recoated with a durable finish.
Custom: installation techniques, borders and inlays are a great way to make your new flooring stand out.
Repairs: from loose boards to water or pet damage, our professional staff can fix any problem.